Call Center/Help Desk/IPBX

Call Center application: Pick up the IP office max and increase as the number of agents increase without interrupting business or setup. IP Max will work as stand alone under the cloud or with minimum equipment The agents have the option of receiving call via the handset, headset or hand-free speaker, call recording; Support call transfer ( blinded transfer , attendant transfer and semi-attendant transfer); Support call forward (always forward , busy forward or no answer forward); Support speed dial , redial , mute and call holding; Call on hold , call pick up; Support hotline and flexible dial plan configuration; Support 3 ways conference call; Support 3 ways to manage the phones : Web GUI , phone keyboard and auto configuration in FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/PnP; Configuration wizard on web UI; Support SNMP

Stand alone IP Office Max


Help Desk  

Get the trusted Jf01V, and give your customers seamless access to reaching who is who concerning your products. A ring to Jf01v either through your local or international customer care number will greet your customer with the customized greeting and introduction of your company followed with prompt to the competent receiver in the company. These receivers may actually not be in one location or one country, this is to ensure that the most competent person to speak on the product or service is reached no matter where and when


Virtual PBX

Give a professional image and never miss a call with our Virtual PBX. Each Virtual PBX comes with an option of a toll free number or a local number. Your customer can call you free when they dial the toll free number, the Virtual PBX will route the call.

You can program each extension to route the call to multiple numbers. The numbers can be your cell phone, work phone and your home phone. You can move freely without worrying about missing a single call. You don’t have to be stuck to your desk. Each Virtual PBX comes with professional voicemail. You can customize voicemail greeting to fit with your business. The voicemails are emailed to you. You can also access them online as well as through your phone. The Virtual PBX has many features including internet fax. No equipment to be purchased, simply subscribe.


Get this box (JfV06) or  any IP phone of your choice and place in your office locations, get the bridge from JustFonez and get them calling each other for seamless free calls. No equipment purchase or any other hardware installation. simply pick the IP phone and we get your branches calling each other with absolutely no phone bills