Mobile Banking

Taking Mobile Banking to the next level

Transform your Mobile Banking into your customers’ everyday app


Mobile banking started several years ago as a nice-to-have-channel, and now it is here to stay. In a few years’ time, there will be over 2 billion mobile banking users globally. It is time for you to jump on the train and attract new and loyal customers with a mobile banking application.

We offers an innovative and comprehensive catalog of services to build a unique customer experience, whether on a smartphone or tablet and for any operating system (iOS, Android or Responsive Web Design). Based on an agile digital banking platform, our solution boosts your innovation in terms of payments, security or bank account management. With our customizable mobile experience you can capture all of your customers’ digital moments, including Instant Payments.

Our Mobile Banking services

Our Mobile Banking solution is tailored to help banks to offer the best mobile app whatever their level of maturity (first mobile app, new design of mobile app, all-in-one or dedicated app (Day to day banking, P2P, NFC payment, etc)).

We can help in:

  • Launching your first mobile banking app with our “ready-to-start” white-label app to offer innovating mobile banking services quickly
  • Taking your current mobile app to the next level thanks to our Mobile App Factory:

With our comprehensive and “easy-to-integrate” mobile services (SDK, API):
– Security (Trusted Authentication)
– Payments (Wallet, P2P, NFC Payment, QR Code, Payment Modulator)

By redesigning the user experience and customer journey

Managing the technical complexity of all mobile app components (3rd party-SDKs, Android, and iOS latest innovations)

  • Prototyping your innovative business cases very quickly
  • Supporting your mobile Instant Payments Channel Solutions with:Award-winning white-label mobile banking app, including instant payments and mobile peer-to-peer payments
    Alias conversion service that translates mobile phone numbers for easier payments
    Real-time fraud detection, ensuring safe and secure payments in an instant