Identity, Trust & Authentication

Security for sensitive transactions and compliant access to your online services

The growing number of online financial services – such as payments, online banking, portals, etc. – provides users with immediate, universal access to services that meets their daily needs. However, this progress also entails risks – there has been an increase in fraud cases related to identity theft or reuse of the same password for several services. Faced with these new threats, service providers and banks must offer appropriate tools for securing their customer transactions.

We are your reliable partner for identity, trust and authentication. Our solutions range from trusted authentication to mobile intrusion protection. We help you when security is a must and your online services require secured access that complies with all international and local regulations.

Empower your customers to improve fraud prevention and reduce costs

Our Payment Modulator solution improves the fraud prevention services of banks and reduces their call center costs by empowering their customers.

Fully integrated into bank security policies, it allows end users to define the payment settings that will immediately be applied to the next payment transaction. This innovative and user-friendly solution enhances the bank’s digital profile and fosters additional trust in card payments.

Highly secure, whatever the channel, our solution is independent of card types and payment schemes.

Easy and secure token-based payments in-store, in-app and on the web

Payments with digital devices are an important part of the digital transformation of our clients. As one of the fastest growing payment methods globally, they also pose substantial challenges for security and deployment models.

Tokenization is a concept that has great potential to increase the protection of digital payment credentials while preserving the interoperability of the ecosystem.

We provides a unified approach for token-based payments in stores, in apps and on the web, for domestic and international card schemes. We facilitate the integration of major Tokens Service Providers with our issuing systems and offer a token requestor function for digital wallet providers.

Our services are compliant with industry regulations and standards. Domestic payment schemes can opt in for token vault and data digitization modules.

Implement 3D Secure and strong authentication for e/m-commerce

Are you looking for a way to limit losses due to online fraud? To comply with security requirements? And to give cardholders trust in e- or m-commerce? Are you looking for a solution to offer seamless authenticated payment solutions? We can help you out. Our Access Control Server is a PCI-DSS compliant solution that enables the implementation of the EMV 3D-Secure protocol.

Additionally, we offer enhanced back-office tools and fraud prevention services for bank administrators and customer services. Our Access Control Server is a proven solution, in use since 2008, and has a rich panel of authentication methods and fraud prevention tools. It complies with all security requirements and reassures cardholders with a user- friendly interface and authentication method. You will find the right balance between increased control and a smooth user experience.

Protect your business and reduce fraud from smartphones

Whatever your business, you need to protect it. Nowadays, smartphones are the preferred user endpoint. These devices are subject to many threats due to their high connectivity, the sensitivity of the current use cases available, and a lack of good practice on how to use them in a secure way. So you need to protect your mobile application and its data, in transit, at rest and during processing.

Our Mobile Intrusion Protection service provides local and remote protection of the mobile application you provide to your customers, helping to reduce fraud from smartphones. It is available for all smartphones, but protection can also be applied individually and updated for any new kind of identified fraud.

Protect your online services from unauthorized access

Banking is increasingly provided online, with a large range of digital services available to end users. Online services must be protected from unauthorized access at all times in the best possible way. Our Trusted Authentication solution provides banks with an easy way to implement this Strong Customer Authentication on smart phones or computers, with a very simple and intuitive user interface.

Our Trusted Authentication solution is fully compliant with PSD2 requirements. It provides strong authentication with a PIN code or fingerprint and is flexible for the implementation of new features, to adapt to the constant evolution of smartphones or new authentication principles and regulations.