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VOIP: Mobile Voip, Pc2Phone, Calling Card, callback, IPBX
Digital Payment: Wallet for Mobile/Branchless Banking, Cross Boarder Payment, Electronic Recharge System , InterBank Payment Switch
VOICE BROADCAST: Record Your Message, Promo, Alert, Invites and Broadcast to Your Uploaded Recipients
WEB-HOSTING: We host 24/7, 99% Uptime. Get a robust VPS, Domain Reg, Web-hosting and Private Mail Server Services.

Global Mobile Top-ups

Global network for mobile top-ups and Bundle Data with innovative mobile rewards, plus opportunity to transfer money across wallets

Shop Owners

Working with a global advantage can be awesome, your customers can send mobile top-ups and data bundles in real time across Networks in over 170 countries using 100 currencies.


It is convenient to send Top-ups to designated staff and manage phone bills, and drive engagement in a marketing campaign with instant reward for your users directly to their mobile phones with call, text and data credit

Money Transfer Operators

Deliver smarter cross-border solutions, add value and boost your revenue. Access over 5 billion customers through one API connection. No set up fee, no Monthly or Annual cost. Contact us

The Global Network

Access the over 5 billion consumers in 160 countries and 600 mobile operators across the world

About Us

We are a leading Voice, Data and Fintech Technology company, started out business in 2002 as a call back technology company. We have moved and transformed providing today’s technologies as they evolved to maintain our lead in the provision of turnkey platforms that is suitable, pocket & user friendly with seamless operations. We work with our global partners to ensure 24/7 technical and customer care support to demystify the time zone differences and provide convenient and cost effective services to the world over. We are dedicated to providing high quality services at affordable prices. We use the very latest technology in achieving these and utilize high quality network infrastructure to ensure our customers get the best money can buy.