Agency & Branchless Banking


Expand to Unreached Market and Provide Financial Inclusion to the Unbanked and the Under-banked

Our multichannel Agency Banking is a fully featured, easy to deploy solution. It empowers service providers to build an agent network that performs high volume, low value financial transactions on behalf of customers, such as deposits, withdrawals, bill payments, top-ups, transfers, remittances or even apply for financial products such as loans and insurance


  Money transfer:

Send money instantly; anytime, anywhere to anyone via your app or any social or messaging channels.
Enable your customers to transfer money instantly; anytime, anywhere to anyone. Partner with us to leverage our Platform through a single point of integration accessing multiple social channels. The solution enables you to deliver a superlative user experience and usage along with acquiring new



  Micro insurances and credit

 Savings and deposits

 Bill payments : Quick and easy mobile/online bill payments and top up functionality
Provide individuals with the ability to pay for bills directly from their mobile device. Our solution enables scheduling of bills, timely notifications, and bill presentment. Providers can use the data tools of the wallet to better understand the customer and push relevant offers.

  Ticketing: Transform your city’s public transport network with contactless ticketing and payment solutions for a smoother ride.
Providers can use  wallet and one card solution to create an integrated and interconnected structure for transport services (metro, public bus, local trains, trams etc).

  Bulk payments : Simple, transparent, mobile bulk payments. Reduce payment costs, and fraud potential and enable real-time reconciliation and accountability.
Our solution flexibility has allowed for a tailored solution like bulk payment which is a group of orders (payment orders and/or securities transfer orders) to be processed together. The application has been customized to enable clients make very large transfers and payments at once with up to date innovations done within the application. The solution provides high level of security processing, easy upload of data, single/multi-dimensional thread processing, and reduces in transaction process time.