Global Top Up Referrers

There are over 5 billion customers in over 160 countries in the world,with billions of money spent on calls every second. While the mobile network providers need huge investments and several installations and licenses to be established in any country or region to achieve the goal of selling Top Ups, now you have it all in your wallet. No installations and No license required. Build a network of multi-level referrers and users across regions and countries. No language barrier; top up speaks one language.

Contact us, get profiled and obtain the code for your region and you are in business of a life time building a network of happy multi-level referrers and users taking full benefits of the wallet to transfer fund across, smiling to the bank. Other benefits includes Special rewards for landmark achievements ranging from between $400 and $10000. See details of entry and benefits

International Top Up

Users can make direct airtime purchase outside of the referrers network in real time across Networks in over 160 countries. Now your loved ones can Top up your phone from everywhere anytime and keep you calling. Buyers from Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania can buy in their local currencies.

Shop Owners

Working with a global advantage can be awesome, your customers can send mobile top-ups and data bundles in real time across Networks in over 170 countries using 100 currencies. .


It is convenient to send discounted Top-ups to designated staff wherever and whenever, manage phone bills, and drive engagement in a marketing campaign with instant reward for your users directly to their mobile phones with call, text and data credit.

Money Transfer Operators

Deliver smarter cross-border solutions, add value and boost your revenue. Access over 5 billion customers through one API connection. No set up fee, no Monthly or Annual cost. Contact us.